Julio G. Fournier Gabela

Welcome to my website!

I am a Ph.D. student in economics at the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and Humboldt University of Berlin. I expect to defend my dissertation in October 2020.

About Me

Research interests

My main research interest is to understand how unexpected events affect the economy, the role played by institutions, and how do the consequences scatter across countries, regions, and households. For that purpose, I use empirical methods and numerical models.

Working papers

Synthetic industries: The long-term effects of the 1995 Kobe Earthquake on the manufacturing sector

By J. G. Fournier Gabela and T. Okubo



    DIW Berlin
    Mohrenstraße 58,
    10117 Berlin, Germany
    Phone: (+49) 30 89789 – 692
    Email: jfournier@diw.de

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